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Conducting a composting workshop during a feasibility study at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. (Photo credit: Geraldine Lim)


Whether you are a sustainability or for-profit company, we can help you reach your goals. Our consults deliver high-impact, quantifiable and sustainable results.

Business Development

We help enterprises develop business strategies to scale and sustain their operations financially.

We draft business plans and valuation reports for startups looking to apply for loans but are having difficulty navigating business processes.

We conduct investment assessments, procure lease agreements, and negotiate for technology transfers, licensing, and key advisory functions for the entire value chain.

Feasibility Studies

We specialise in identifying system faults and applying sustainable solutions. This involves assessing our client's needs and resources, followed by customising solutions with practical milestones.


We help replicate best practices through documentation. This builds institutional knowledge that creates lasting impact, enables leadership renewal, and paves the way for more sustainable development.


Conducting a finance seminar on the claims process for all L2NIC and SUL projects, which resulted in a 50% reduction in turnaround for claims.

Programme & Project Management

We manage large-scale programmes, administer due diligence in processes, and improve returns on investment. We provide directions at every stage of development.

Grant Management

In 2015, we were 1 of 3 consultants appointed by the Ministry of National Development (MND) to manage SGD40.4 million worth of sustainability-related research projects. Our experience entails valuable insight for similar-sized projects looking to make waves in the industry with transparency and accountability.

Step-By-Step Operational / Communications Plan

We construct graduated project management plans to provide clear directions at every stage—from planning, execution to assessment. These empower our clients to accomplish long-term, long-lasting goals.


Our commentary article entitled Be Cool: Dealing with Heat and Humidity in the Tropics for the Energy (Sep–Oct 2015) issue of FuturArc.


We help problems communicate true needs, and solutions' true worth. Our expertise spans diverse platforms—workshops, publications, broadcasts and social media.

Writing & Publication

We translate between engineers and architects in the field of energy-efficiency by publishing articles, opinion pieces and commentaries in leading magazines.

Communication Strategies

Our communications work include public-relations articles complete with professional media content, communication assets that quantify and articulate innovation goals, and website plans customised to clients' goals and objectives.


We are communications practitioners with experience on screen, radio, stage and press conferences. In an era where many ad agencies’ playbook is to suggest an app or to go “viral”, we present deliberate and sustainable solutions on a wide range of communication platforms.

Workshops, Talks And Seminars

We conduct workshops, talks and seminars that cover a full range of sustainability topics from agriculture to research. Our clients have included private entities, non-profit foundations and educational institutions.

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