Founders and Content Creators of CompostingInSingapore (CIS)

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Duration: 2009–Present

In 2009, before Kainosis™ registered as an official corporate entity, it created and operated the environmental social network, CompostingInSingapore (CIS). Founded in the nascent stages of social media, CIS grew swiftly, contributing novel composting ideas to the local community. Today, it still plays a valuable role in Kainosis’™ growth.

CIS continues to blossom in a green industry that is struggling in communication fundamentals. Focusing on delivering user-centric and practical solutions to composting issues, CIS carved a niche space for itself in the crowded sustainability arena. Proper documentation and clear, relatable communications established CIS as an authoritative source on human factors behind food waste management. It is also one of very few organisations in Singapore that has documented composting in tropical environments.

Within a short span of 2 years, CIS’ online content established Kainosis™ as a thought-leader within the sustainability industry. The success of CIS also led Kainosis™ to its first commercial project with Terracycle Singapore—a local startup that pioneered a commercial-scale vermicomposting operation in Singapore. Kainosis™ performed a wide range of functions for the startup, from financial projections to website developments.

More useful facts about CIS:

  • Top SEO (search engine optimisation) blog within 3 months of inception
  • Invited speaker for various events and conferences (i.e. Hello Singapore, HortPark, APSN Tanglin School etc)
  • Pioneer in documenting first-hand experience in composting and vermicomposting in a HDB setting
  • Formed the foundation for Kainosis’™ consulting work
  • Performed early-stage business consulting for Terracycle Singapore in 2010

Addendum of Kainosis’™ Composting Experience:

This section provides information about Kainosis’™ agricultural experience due to its intertwined relationship with composting. Kainosis™ believes that professional consults in composting should address the composting ecosystem, rather than simply providing isolated solutions.

Kainosis™ has worked and consulted on both upstream and downstream of composting-related projects:

Upstream – Having had the privilege of consulting for NEA in 2013, Kainosis™ developed a working knowledge of Singapore’s waste management practices—the advantages, pitfalls and cost efficiencies of various waste management solutions. Kainosis™ believes such information is invaluable when developing a self-sustaining composting ecosystem.

Downstream – Kainosis™ developed an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of industrial-scale composting after collaborating with startups such as Terracycle Singapore. Kainosis™ also has first-hand experience in urban agriculture (i.e. aquaponics, 2011-2012), a key downstream industry of composting.

Put together, Kainosis™ is one of few firms with practical know-how in different scales and types of composting across varying conditions. The collective exposure equips the company in providing value to clients who are looking to maneuver the commercial and industry composting landscape.

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